Location can be one of the most important decisions next to choosing a photographer. Below are a list of locations I have either shot at before or have scoped out as opportunities to fit your needs. Please be aware that some locations DO require a photography permit or admission fee for me to take your photos there in which you, the client, will incur that charge at cost to do so. I do not make a profit off of your location choice and I wish every place could be free for us to use, but in order to stay in good standing with the surrounding cities, parks, and private property, I want to abide by their regulations and fees to be able to continue to use their locations. We are not limited to these location listings. If you have somewhere new in mind, I would LOVE the chance to shoot at a new location or place that has a special meaning to you. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions of these locations or others you may want to venture to. Any location more than 25 miles from my home may incur an additional location/traveling fee and will be discussed with you ahead of time. At any time, fees may change or photography restrictions may change as well. I will continue to check before our session for any information needed and verify permit/usage requirements. 

Lee’s Summit -

Longview/Hartman Park -

Longview Park area charges me a $25 photography permit fee to shoot within the park. Longview is always pretty green and landscapey. Fields, fences and good scenery for family shots. In conjunction with it, there are close by pathways and the small rock/creek area at Hartman Park. The columns you see are in the Longview area as well but there is a small drive/walk to it as well overlooking some water. To get to them, they are a bit of a trek especially if the weeds haven’t been maintained... VERY overgrown to walk through, and the possibility of a LOT of ticks.I always like Longview area though when I do get to shoot around here.

Unity Village -

Unity has implemented a photography permit fee. While I pay a yearly fee for my clients, there will be a $10 per session fee to shoot on location here. Unity is very versatile and it's a very convenient location for families to get to around here. I use this a lot around here. Good grassy areas, great structures of columns, doors, textures. This one's pretty spread out to where we just have to take a teeny tiny drive throughout the area to each spot within Unity Village -- (like less than a minute between each other, but more convenient than walking). There are several stone bridges and small hidden paths that are great. The white barn doors are just down the street from Unity as well, but they're a part of it, just a small drive away. Lots of opportunities within a close proximity of each other.

Lone Summit Ranch - 

If you grew up in Lee's Summit, most people know OF this location between LS and Lone Jack just off of 50 Highway. It was recently purchased and reopened for events/weddings as its primary purpose, and they are currently allowing photo shoots on their property free of charge. At some point, they informed me they WILL charge a small fee, but for now, they want to share the beauty of the property. This location is only available around their event/wedding date schedules and we need to have confirmation for your date to shoot here. Visit their website for now to see more. 

James A. Reed -

Great area for a red wood barn, some fencing areas, lakes, trees, and plenty of fields. Open landscape areas. This is a good option for large groups with simplistic nature backgrounds. This is a personal favorite of mine and a client favorite as well for natured areas and GREAT evening light!

Downtown Lee’s Summit -

A more “urban” feel and closer to home. Depending on where we venture through the blocks here, there could be more “traffic” of people to dodge a bit, but you’ll get good colors, textures, alleys, the railroad caboose and a small fountain area here. 

Arborwalk Park - 

Located near 291 South and 150 Highway. A great tree covered bridge and grassy area. This spot is great for morning or evening light and REALLY great for mini sessions, still plenty of opportunity for full sessions though too!

Lowenstein Park -

Small butterfly garden with a waterfall, and some treed areas with bridge opportunities.

Legacy Park - 

Legacy offers some great options of some treed/grassy areas along with a good wooden bridge over the lake. Depending on the time of day we shoot, there's a dock OR if you're super adventurous, the community center allows to check out canoes for FREE and we can do a fun in action sort of family session --- life jackets are required though.. :-(

Longview Lake/Blue Springs Lake Beaches

(Must have a beach rental during non-business beach hours. Grab several friends and we'll make it worth wild for all of you to split the fee. Costs dependent on time and number of people... Longview Lake is $25 hr + staffing fee.)
Since we don't live near the ocean, this is the next best thing! Sunset sessions can be beautiful against the water and kick off your shoes for a fun family session here.

Missouri Town - Open Tuesdays - Sundays (9:00am - 4:30pm)

(Must have a 2 week notice to apply for a photography permit. Permit fee is $25 and shooting time must be during business hours.)
This is an old "quaint" area with several options of barns, older buildings, fences, trees, greenery, old-time equipment and you may even be out in the "park" while the sheep are out grazing or chickens walking around!

Cockrell Mercantile Company - 

This is a smaller quaint area that is still a workable shopping area. The buildings on the grounds make for a unique old-time village/shop feel to your images. While this location is free, the owners live on the grounds as we need to have permission to shoot there and may be somewhat limited on times we can shoot there.

Longview Mansion - 

Longview mansion outdoor grounds and the pergola by the lake do charge a $75/hr permit fee. This may be a good option if you have friends or family wanting to double up with mini sessions and split the fee. Booking has to be confirmed with their event coordinator as it cannot be on a day they have a wedding or event booked. So more weekday schedules may work better for this location.

Raytown -

Yellow Rock Barn -

YRB charges me a $25 photography permit fee to shoot within the grounds. A small area but really cute options. Ivy on stone buildings, white fencing, some grassy areas, steps, in front of the barn itself. A small stone outhouse and bridge. Good for little ones and families.

Blue Springs -

Railroad Park -

Gazeebo, small lake and tree lined areas. Versatile for a small quick session.

Burr Oak Woods - 

This is another great "nature" location. Paths, trees, if you're adventurous to walk in a ways, there are hidden spots of bridges on pathways to use. This spot is very comparable to James A Reed but has its own individuality for your session. I may not know where every spot is to find, but I can certainly do asking around if there's a specific location you see that you want to try to hit up! Great for foliage, fields, pathways and trees. See the google image search to give you an idea!

Independence -

Bingham Waggoner Estate -

The grounds of the Bingham Waggoner Estate are near downtown Independence.. This is where I did the Mash's family pictures if you see them on FB. There are railroad tracks, and older house with wrap around porch, grassy areas and a small bridge. Check out their website for a few pics or google them for images, I don't have a compilation set up for it yet. http://www.bwestate.org

Liberty -

Belvoir Winery -

Belvoir Winery is a pretty neat place if you're up for a little drive! While most of their buildings are no longer in use, they make for a unique backdrop. Their historic grounds are versatile for open grassy areas, trees, brick buildings, white fences, and fun doorways.

Kansas City -

Loose Park -

Not TOO far from the Nelson Art gallery really to give you a bit of geography. HUGE area. Has a small lake area with nice bridges, a rose garden with stone columns, lots of open grass/treed area. A lot of variety in a beautiful park setting. 

Nelson Adkins Museum -

Open grassy areas with some tree covered pathways too. The museum steps are always an option and the reflecting pool behind the museum can be a nice place to shoot. There's a good mix of "traditional" grassy/treed areas in conjunction with some more contemporary building structures here.

Rivermarket Area -

Urban. Bright colors and textures and brick pathways along the buildings and shops here. Neat steps to sit on. Good for family and/or a little older children rather than babies!

West Bottoms -

The ultimate location for that "urban" type of session. Great character amongst the buildings here. Lots of doorways, alleyways, color, texture, and graffiti around the area. If you're looking for something a bit a-typical of a family/child session this is a fun spot to go! 

Kauffman Performing Arts - 

For now, you can shoot outside the Kauffman Performing Arts building without a permit fee, which provides a fun and unique backdrop for  your session. The reflections made in the building can bring a unique touch to each session. 

Kansas -

(Since most of my clientele is on the MO side, I don't have as great of listings for the Kansas side! I'm ALWAYS open to new locations and suggestions especially from those on the west side of the line! ;-) )

Antioch Park -

Another good versatile park for my friends on the west side of the state line, or those that don't mind a little bit of a drive! A small garden area with some stone walls. Great grassy and treed areas as well as paths around a large lake with several bridge opportunities and fields. See the google image search here.

Black Hoof Park - 

This park is HUGE. It has a very fun bridge/walkway over the lake with trees in the background. The bridge isn't ideal for on the move small toddlers as it's not fully constructed with railings... so toddlers = running and falling into water. HA! Great treed areas, creek area, other toddler appropriate bridges, open grassy area with some small fence lines. See this google image link for ideas of what it looks like!

Prairie Fire Museum - 

This is a fun and colorful, a little more urban backdrop for your session. Currently, they do not charge for outdoor photo sessions, however, I will inform you that I have heard that may change in the near future. I will have to follow up for anyone interested in this location

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