Watch Them Grow

Kids don't quite change AS quickly as newborns, but life can still easily get away from us. I'm asked a lot "How often would you get pictures taken?" If you want to do a first year Milestones Program, I offer newborn/4 month mini/8 month/1 year program, OR a newborn/6 month/1 year program. At these increments we easily hit the physical milestones of pushing up, sitting up or with minimal assistance, and celebrate the year with a birthday session if you choose! Otherwise it's definitely up to you! I always love to see my repeat clients grow and their personalities blossom as well. 

What to Expect

While I fortunately get to start out with a lot of my clients at birth, I realize I won't get to meet a lot of you until your kiddos are toddlers running around! We try to have as much fun as we can, and as adults we probably get more exercise having to chase down the kiddos from time to time. Because kids are active, we must be active too! There may be a lot of singing, dancing and silly faces from myself and you as parents.

As we all know, kiddos can have a short attention span. We try to plan around nap and feeding times to maximize our happy time! These sessions can last 1-2 hours depending on how the child is that day - and we all kind of roll with the punches sometimes with what a child can give us! You will receive 20-30 edited images in your online gallery.

Depending on your preference and the time of year, we have the option of on location shoots or in studio. So be ready for a little adventure and walking if we go on a location of your choice to get a variety of backdrops and to find the best natural light. On location sessions are best done with non-direct natural light. This means shading from early morning or early evening light is best to give you even lighting across your faces and it will not create harsh unpleasant shadowing. If your child isn't pushing up or sitting up well, sometimes studio is a better option so we have all of the necessary items on hand to help your little one be as versatile as possible by having crates, buckets, those types of items within arms reach to best suit their physical milestones at the time of their session.

Preparing for your Session

Probably the most asked question for children sessions is “What should they wear?” Try to keep your child in something comfortable. Make sure you try the clothes on ahead of time so nothing is too bulky, to small, or uncomfortable on the day of their shoot.  I'm not talking bringing them in p.j.'s, but the more comfortable they are, the happier they will be during the session. Try to stick to solid colors or very minimal patterns or logos especially if we have to stay indoors to help coordinate backgrounds with your clothing choices. 

For small children, bring their favorite toys, a small snack, and be prepared to play with them a little bit. With those short attention spans or occasional meltdowns, if we need to take a short pause and regroup the troops, we will, just stay as relaxed as possible!

Bring any extra accessories you may want in your shots. We can always do some with and some without. A lot of times, I may bring personal props and accessories for the kids, but some great ideas are:

- Headbands, bows, neckties

- Tutus

- Fluffy boots for girls or cowboy boots for boys

- Scarves or fun hats or accessories that can easily be added or taken away

- Any fun props you may have that are neat or important to your family

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