Best Maternity Photographers in Kansas City Best Maternity Photographers in Kansas City

In 2017, Amy Lee Photo had the privilege to be chosen as one of the top 19 maternity photographers in the Kansas City area by That award has honored me again for 2020 as well!


First off, what an exciting time of anticipation during these months planning the arrival of your new little one! Maternity sessions are a fun way for me to meet you all ahead of time, for you to get comfortable with me and being in front of the camera, meeting any big brothers or sisters in the family, and of course, document your pregnancy in a fun and relaxing environment together.

I only offer maternity sessions as an add on mini session to any stand alone newborn or Watch Me Grow yearly program booking. These sessions are ONLY offered outdoors year round, and are not held in studio. I want to offer you a wide variety of images that are best captured in a more versatile outdoor location, and usually with a tiny little heater attached during this short 25-30 minute session, no one is too chilly for too long! 

During these sessions we will do a mix of everything... mom-to-be alone, mom and dad together, and if baby has older siblings, we will definitely include them as well! 

I always tell everyone to dress comfortably for these. If that's a nice pair of leggings or jeans with boots, then rock it! Just make sure any dress or shirt you may wear is form fitting to see that baby bump as best as we can. Keep dresses long enough to be comfortable in a sitting position, layers of a scarf, jacket/sweater, jewelry are all amazing additions to any wardrobe too. Seeing as though we may walk through fields or uneven ground, big stilettos may not quite be appropriate foot wear while walking around pregnant! Ha!

These really are some of my favorite sessions. I like to take my time to get to know you and your family, allow any newborn questions to be asked and answered in person, and to really see your personalities come through as we spend time together.

My favorite time to shoot these are in the evening light. Typically about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset gives us the best warm glowing light that you see in my images.

Be sure to also check out the newborn session page for more detailed information for when your little one arrives!

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